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They drive traffic and improve sales in retail locations. But for the busy retail operator, whether in a c-store or a restaurant, managing the ATM can be time-consuming, laborious and require technical knowledge that the retailer simply does not have. By signing a TURN KEY OPTION deal with an independent, “Sharon Johnston” third-party ATM company, a retailer can reap the CASH benefits of having a FREE ATM PLACEMENT without worrying about the actual cash replenishment or ATM maintenance. YOU GET PAID, PASSIVE INCOME, FREE CASH

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ATM-PRODUCTS future trends and a lean toward more cash 


Providing Value in a Challenging Economy


Now more than ever before, financial institutions need to rethink their approach to self-service technology. The faltering economy has highlighted the twin imperatives of today’s self-service devices: they must let institutions connect, interact and transact with customers cost-effectively, while also supporting revenue-generating activities. Free ATM, Free Cash, Passive Income, Contact Sharon


The future of cash: Survey predicts changes in consumer habits


What is the future of cash? For as long as there have been electronic payments, there has been talk of the theoretical "cashless society," but the technology of tangible currency has a long life ahead of it, even in the face of digital payments and transactions.

ATM Marketplace conducted a smaller survey to learn the industry's perspective on the un-banked and under-banked consumer. Our findings about this growing cash-preferred market prove that cash is here to stay.  Free ATM Placement, Free Cash, Passive Income, Get Paid, CONTACT SHARON, Miami Beach Florida


The independent model allowed ATM technology to overcome barriers in space as well as in time. A technology that can help people overcome limits of both time and space is likely to prove popular with the masses and gain a prominent position in the economic mainstream. This is exactly what happened to ATMs. Today, ATM Placement save cardholders transport costs and time by bringing self-service banking into convenient, non-branch locations such as shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, railway stations, hotels, airports, petrol/gas stations, post offices, university campuses, restaurants and bars, etc, creating time-saving convenience for the pressurized man-in-the-street. Free ATM, Free Cash.


"Consumers have repeatedly and decisively voted with both their feet and wallets for convenience. They have demonstrated their willingness to pay a small premium in some circumstances for access to their bank accounts at ATM Placement other than those owned by their financial institution.



In addition, the time is overdue to recognize their significant entrepreneurial achievements in providing citizens with more extensive time-saving access to their cash.  CONTACT SHARON


Expanding ATM Usage in a Credit Crunch


Tighter credit markets are helping to increase the popularity of cash. Retailers can benefit from this trend by installing ATMs on premises. ATMs in a store help increase revenue, because customers spend more in the store where they withdraw cash. Stores with ATM PLACEMENT in them also are able to reach those without credit, like the un-banked and under-banked, more easily. Other benefits include:

  • Customer convenience
  • Increased revenue from surcharge
  • Higher traffic throughput 


Wireless Connectivity Key to Increased Profits, Security


Access to Money needed an affordable way to install ATM PLACEMENT in areas where landlines were either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. The DPL Group's Hercules+ solution allowed Access to Money to install FREE ATM PLACEMENT in areas without landlines; in fact, because the solution costs only half of what a landline would, the company can reduce per-transaction fees. The Hercules+ also helps ensure PCI DSS compliance, and the remote management capabilities reduce security risks. FREE ATM, PASSIVE INCOME

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ATM cash withdrawals see positive growth


U.S. consumers are withdrawing more money from ATMs, likely the result of the economic recession, industry insiders say. In September 2008, when the recession was official, consumers started relying more heavily on cash and debit, and less on credit.  FREE ATM PLACEMENT, TURN KEY OPTION, PASSIVE INCOME


The ATM is now 38 years old, and 2 million of the machines are stationed around the globe. There is no doubt that these blinking boxes are now a big part of our lives. The American Bankers Association reports that half of the U.S. adult population uses ATMs every month, with 40% stepping up to the console 10 or more times a month.

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